Angeles City is the premiere destination for hashing in the Philippines with many spectacular trails right on our doorstep.

Hashing in Angeles City dates back to the year 1979 when the Angeles City Hash House Harriers  (ACH3) was founded. The group originally ran out of the Birds of Paradise bar on Fields Avenue, later moving the on home to Anchorage Inn on Real Street, then to the Premiere Hotel on Malabanias Road.

The Corona Hash started as a splinter group of ACH3 during the plandemic of 2020 when the Angeles City Hash stopped operating for a period of six months. This in turn laid the way for the birth of the Corona Hash. The founder “Egghead” was a former committee member of the Angeles City Hash. Egghead’s initial goal was just to keep his fitness and social circle going during the lockdowns, but as the group grew in numbers the focus of Corona Hash became more about encouraging health and fitness of the members.

Egghead achieved this by setting a standard where the trails had to be a minimum of 7Km in length. Town runs and concrete roads were highly discouraged, as was short cutting. Egghead also focused on the traditional aspects of hash origins learned from legendary hasher Proposition (aka Slimey Limey aka Wild Wolf) by including a block of ice for the circle, encouraging down downs, mandatory hash songs and a hash attire requirement.

Starting a hash during the heavy government enforced lockdown of 2020 was no easy task with roadblocks and checkpoints on almost every street. Add to that a liquor ban, a ban on social events, social distancing, mask and shield requirements and every type of travel restriction they could come up with. The founding members who defied the restrictions were as follows: Egghead, Lost Soles, Twin Peaks, Keep the Change, Big Sister, Fluffy Bits, Kaput, See More Stains, Bush Diver, Bumsteer, Self-Satisfaction, Hellboy, Purgatory, Pin-Pin, Soggy Butt, Kuripot Kunt, Rubber Ring, Bushwanker and Tight Ass.

The Corona Hash prides itself on being a very inclusive group. New members are always welcomed into the group and encouraged to take part in the circle. This atmosphere makes the hash group more of a family and has bonded life long friendships.

The hashing areas visited regularly by the Corona Hash are Delta V, Villa Maria, Sitio Target, Sitio Haduan, San Vicente, Calumpung, San Martin, Mainang, Dapdap, Bamban, Porac and Floridablanca. We also plan annual hikes to the Mt Arayat Summit. 

The Corona Hash is based in Angeles City, but we have a close connection with the members of Subic Bay Hash House Harriers (SBH3), Puerto Galera Hash House Harriers (PGH3), La Union Hash House Harriers (LUH3) and Manila Hash House Harriers (MH3).